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Making your own labneh is so easy and only requires one ingredient. Super smooth and soft, this yoghurt cheese is versatile and compliments any flavour. This recipe pairs Labneh with Egyptian dukkah. Serve for lunch or as part of a mezze or cheese platter.


I have a list in my head of lovely things which I want to make. This particular list is more of a challenge list than a “Now, that sounds delish I want to make that list”.  Remember my Pasties de nata? Yip, straight off that list. Labneh and macarons are just two items on my […] Read more…

During the high season, we often end up with more strawberries than we can eat. This recipe for dried straberry rolls, slowly dries pureed strawberries in the oven. Rolled up and cut up, strawberry leather is a perfect lunchbox filler. Dried Fruit Rolls are a healthy and flavourful snack, and this strawberry recipe is a winner.

Strawberry Roll Ups

I am really excited about finally getting this recipe right. Dried Fruit rolls are a fabulous little treat for snack boxes and lunch boxes and eat at your desk boxes. Despite a rocky start I found that they are really easy to make. Read more…

Fruit and Nut Bars

There were two things that made this recipe happen. Firstly, Pretty Girl has been a sporting maniac this term and is doing every active thing possible. Often little miss athletic only gets home well after 4 pm each day. She bursts in through the front door, immediately doubling the energy level of the house and most often the first words she says utters are something along the lines of “What can I eat?” Read more…

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