Kate Phillips is the photographer who shoots all the beautiful images for Pomegranate Days. Kate received her first camera when she was about 13 years old and it was the beginning of a lifelong love affair with photography.

Kate shoots with her beloved DSLR, a Canon 7d. All the photography both for Pomegranate Days and our corporate clients is shot in natural light.

Kate and I have been working together for almost two years now. We have an easy rhythm and we are both used to working as a team. Food photography and styling is something we are both passionate about and we remain immensely interested in all aspects of this craft.

Kate and I have an enormous amount of fun working together and we are both excited about the journey which Pomegranate Days is taking us on. On this blog you will meet Kate as Photogirl, which is a lot less dramatic than our own introduction.

Seven years ago, a house in Franschhoek flooded. Living in that flooded house in the depth of Cape Winter was Kate; her then 4 (now 11) year old daughter Mia; her 18 month (now 8 year ) old son Luke; and her husband Richard. All because of that icy muddy water; a mutual friend; a stand up fan and my Dear Husband who had access to a warm and dry hotel villa, I made a new friend.

A great story, if of course you ignore the flooded house part.

kate at a glance

Kate eats chocolate for breakfast.
Kate still owns her first camera; her kiddos think it’s a great ‘olden days’ toy.
Kate’s husband is one seriously amazing cook.
Kate really doesn’t enjoy cooking herself.
Kate is one crazy gadget junkie.
Kate buys dresses she doesn’t need and then doesn’t wear them.True story

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You can connect with Kate via

  • Email: kate(at)pomegranatedays(dot)co(dot)za or
  • Twitter: @ktphotogirl

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