Toadstool Cake Pops

I mentioned yesterday that I am not a great cake decorator.  So when faced with a children’s novelty cake, I am truly out of my depth.  I had planned to outsource Handsome’s cake this year given his big “Smurf cake with Spiderman and a fire truck” demand that I mentioned, but it turned out, as things often do, that I ended up needing to make it myself.

So, I went where every self-respecting mom goes when in need of some guaranteed inspiration and of course I found it on the lovely Pinterest.  Having sent Spiderman cupcakes to school I felt pretty safe in just concentrating on the Smurf part for his cake and quietly hoped that he wouldn’t hold the lack of fire truck against me, which of course he didn’t once he saw this….

 I know, ridiculously cute right?  

I have set my pathetically low birthday cake bar at this; if birthday child can name the cake correctly, you get an immediate A for effort.  Handsome shouted “Smurf House” the minute he saw it, and I have to say, even  I was very impressed with my efforts.

For the cake I baked two vanilla cake sponges in two different sized bowls. Once cooked I shaped them till they resembled the toadstool I had in mind. The bigger bowl becomes the top.  I iced both cakes separately with a generous helping of butter icing and allowed it to “set” overnight in the fridge before proceeding with the decorating as I wanted the cakes to be nice and firm to work with.  I used less than 1kg of plastic icing for the whole cake.  I donned my rubber gloves, useful trick as it’s a lot less messy, to colour some of the plastic icing with Americolor’s SUPER RED gel colouring for the red roof and Cake Flora’s ELECTRIC ORANGE gel food colour for the windows and doors.

I bought the little daisies and the small toadstools from my local baking supply store, and made the grass by colouring desiccated coconut green.  Smurfette and Jokey Smurf are from Handsome’s private collection, and by that I mean, they are the only two Smurfs who have escaped having their noses bitten off.

Also on Pinterest I found these adorable toadstool cake pops.  Again pinning failure and I didn’t save the link, but to reiterate, I didn’t think these up….The recipe used Candy Melts which I had not seen before, probably explains why I never pinned it,  but when I found them in my local baking supply store, I knew I had to make them.  I bought mini doughnuts from Tannie Woolie and cut them in half.  I covered them in melted red Candy Melts, which are just buttons of coloured cooking chocolate really, and decorated them with white chocolate chips.  (The Candy Melts were so easy to use and come in at least four different colours because I could choose from red, yellow, green or blue.)

Once the chocolate had set I skewered a white marshmallow onto a wooden skewer stick, and topped it with the doughnut.  I covered a piece of polystyrene in foil and stood the skewers sticks into that.  Then I named it a Smurf village and so of course, the kiddos loved them.

They also loved the iced Popsicles on the very hot 32 degree Boland afternoon.

As for Handsome he got to wear a crown, play with all his besties especially his most favourite guy, this ever so adorable boy from next door, and he was totally spoilt and loved.

Simply put,  Smurfalicious!

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