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I love a warm baked saucy pudding. This Caramel Malva Pudding is a traditional South African dessert. This dessert recipe for Malva Pudding adds a little twist to the original with a sweet and sticky caramel sauce. Malva Pudding is a comforting and belly warming winter dessert.

Caramel Malva Pudding

I love this warm baked saucy pudding; it is a traditional South African dessert. This recipe for Malva Pudding is baked in a sweet, sticky caramel sauce. Now, I don’t know about you, but I really do not mind a kick of sweet on a chilly winter’s day. Read more…

Milk Tart

Apparently the 27th of February 2014 was National Milk Tart Day. Well who knew that? My social media feed keeps inflicting days like this on me: National Chocolate Day; National Espresso Day; National fry your chicken / slather everything in mustard /eat your popcorn/ bake a pie day. Read more…

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