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Green Goddess Dressing Recipe. This dressing is so easy to make. It is delicious on all salads and even in a sandwich. Made with yogurt and mayonnaise it’s a great way to use up fresh herbs.

Green Goddess Dressing

I have a few bad habits but today I am thinking of one in particular. I do not think it the worst habit a person can have but it is one which lies at odds with my current goal  of wanting to stick to a grocery budget. I buy too many fresh herbs. There, I said it. In […] Read more…

This recipe for a Bulgur Wheat & Lentil Bowl is fresh and nourishing, simple but generous in flavour. It is an abundant bowl of earthy goodness great for lunch, an easy dinner or as a perfect lunchbox meal idea.

Bulgur Wheat & Lentil Bowl

For many it is back to school today, which after the Easter holidays comes as something of a relief. Not that sending my beautiful children back to a world of inspiration and learning under the close supervision of someone that is not me should be cause for relief, but rather, because it means that we […] Read more…

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