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You may be surprised to hear that you can skip the hours of stirring over a hot stove to make beautiful sweet vanilla fudge. This microwave vanilla fudge recipe with condensed milk is simple to prepare but requires great care as the fudge can get very hot.

Microwave Vanilla Fudge

I reserve the use of my microwave oven strictly for warming up milk and melting butter. Today I broke the rules and cranked it up for a full 12 minutes to make this Vanilla Fudge. Me, living on the edge. Read more…

Making your own nougat candy at home may seem daunting. This recipe for cranberry nougat was simple enough to follow and I would definately make this nougat again.

Cranberry Nougat

Sugar confectionery is an elaborate art form really; all that temperature checking, sugar pulling and variations of toffee making. It requires much exactness and following of procedure on the part of the confectioner to create even just one teeny morsel of sweet pleasure.  Read more…