Tea under the Trees

Sometimes the best expectations to have are really to have none at all.  This year my birthday was overshadowed by so many things that even though I am generally a most excitable birthday girl, I felt none of the same enthusiasm for it this year.  In fact, by the time the big day arrived I had landed comfortably into indifference.

Fortunately, gratefully, mercifully, delightfully, my sorry state was unacceptable to Dear Husband and my beautiful friends.  For a whole day, I was blessed and loved and spoilt and made to feel like the most fabulous girl on earth.

And if you are going to spoil a birthday girl, you take her for cappuccino and cake at one of her favourite places…

I do not pretend to garden or even to know very much about gardens, but I do know this:  Tea under the Trees is set in one of the most beautiful, lush, green gardens I have ever seen, in front of what is one of the most beautiful period houses I have ever seen.

Driving down the tree lined driveway towards the curtained veranda literally suspends reality, and the time that you spend at Tea under the Trees is tranquil and quiet.  The manicured lawns and gardens of this working farm are evidence of the attention to detail that is the trademark of this lovely little spot.

Open only October to March each year, it is something I have started to look forward to as we begin reaching the end of winter. The opening of Tea under the Trees somehow gives the green light for summer to arrive!

It’s all rather colonial or plantation like actually, this serving of Tea under enormous aged oak trees, and I always half expect Scarlet herself to join us on the lawns.

I almost always order the poppy-seed carrot cake.  It is heavenly.

The girls also ordered the baked cheesecake…

And the scones.  The plates are so adorable.

And yes, I drink cappuccinos even at Tea under the trees.
After coffee we browsed the bric-and-brac shop.
Love old things…
Love quirky things…
Beautiful makes me feel better!
So frankly my dear, if ever you find yourself down near St. Pieters Roche in Main road Paarl, do stop.  You will be awfully glad you did. (Mondays to Fridays only.)

Marvin J. Ashton said “Be the one who nurtures and builds. Leave people better than you found them.”

Thank you sweet friends and precious husband, for nurturing me with love on Tuesday and for leaving me better than you found me.

PS If all that cake makes you feel like some yourself, visit me over at Rhodes today, I am making the most fabulous granadilla meringue cupcakes.

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