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We are reaching the end of Gr. 1.  I have been reflecting, happily, on Pretty Girl’s year and wondering what happened to the seemingly very little girl I sent off to school in January.  Those awfully exciting shiny new Bata’s, you-will-grow-into-it checked blue dress and hard to carry school bag are all now well worn (some slightly damaged but will have to do till December) everyday ordinary things.

This year Pretty Girl has learned to read, to count in 2,3,4, and 5’s.  She has done an oral on the giant panda, been on her first camp, and missed swimming her first gala – thanks croup!  She has danced on a stage, spoken in assembly, lost and gained countless teeth and she has turned 7 (already very nearly eight).  She has made me laugh a lot this year, listening to your new reader try to pronounce words like “bullocks” and “Shang-Mai” will do that to you; but she has also made me cry buckets of tears.  I think that those tears escape (during concerts and watching her be so very kind) simply to bring relief to an overwhelming delight in her that literally makes my heart ache!  It’s been a special year for my Pretty Girl.

The other really great thing about Gr.1 is that it came with a school uniform. Did I hear you say Amen!? Five days a week we do not have to worry about what to wear.  We do not have to find holes in leggings just bought yesterday, nor do we have to wonder how T’s that fitted last week look like tank tops today.  It has been a very welcome five day a week reprieve from the otherwise daily rendition of the “are you seriously wearing that orange/pink/purple ensemble out of the house” conversation.

We have this year almost entirely done away with the “play clothes” read: rather wear this cheap and nasty thing to school, section of her wardrobe. Pretty Girls grows at such a frantic pace – always in hurry this child – which means that I am forever adding to her wardrobe.  Be it pre, during or even the tail end of a season, I am probably still buying this kiddo clothes.  The difference is that now I can buy the loveliest of things.  And by loveliest things I mean that we are finally, without fear of paint damage, kicking it up a notch in the quality department.   Which brings me to today’s Dig my Dorp.

Mimi and Mone Kids Clothing


If you live in Paarl, and if you want to find imported quality children’s clothing at a fraction of what it will cost you in the store, you will, and of this I have no doubt,  have found your way to the red door of the very lovely Michelle van der Merwe.

Michelle’s thriving little business, which up until very recently was nameless, spread via word of mouth; everyone came to know that Michelle sold gorgeous children’s and babies clothing.

I don’t remember everything her Big Name Announcement email said, like who called who Mimi and who is Mone, but I do remember this; Michelle spoke of her hope that her daughter would learn by watching mommy tackle and build a dream, that in this world you really are able to, and really should do something for yourself. That really resonated with me.  We want our daughters to be strong and able, and what better way to lead them to that than by living it.  This is one inspiring momma!

Every week if you are on Michelle’s mailing list, and you do want to be, she lets you know when she is open for sales and new stock arrives EVERY week.

What I like best about Mimi and Mone Kids clothing, besides Michelle’s obvious eye for quality and good taste, is that one never sees huge quantities of the same size of any one article, if at all, and so you are able to buy a little bit of exclusivity too.  I have never been disappointed with the clothes from Mimi and Mone.  Pretty Girl and fussy Handsome love them all, in fact the last time I bumped into Michelle at the Saturday market both my kiddos were in top to toe Mimi and Mone!

A basketfull of handmade headbands
So Good Candy purses
So Good Candy sling bag
So Good Candy baby bags

What a delight it has been though to see Michelle expand her range to a now endless list of items including toys, baby gifts, unprinted newspaper rolls, old looking frames, So Good Candy Bags and even baby food!

Lazy Dazy crochet kits and lunchbox stickers
Weathered frames
Wooden covered children’s hangers

Like Michelle on facebook here for regular updates and to get all her details, or email her on michelle-thom@paarlonline.co.za to be added to her mailing list.

There is just one thing lacking at Mimi and Mone, and that’s a cuppa and a slice of cake.  But that is probably for the best as Michelle would never get the Paarl mammas to leave after shopping, and this home business has to work around raising those three beautiful kiddos.

You are doing so well Michelle, such as testimony of the Father’s favour, grace and love, looking forward to what comes next for Mimi and Mone!


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    • Sam Taylor
      December 3, 2012 at 1:24 pm (7 years ago)

      Thank you Maddie. I hopped on over and visited Maddie’s Vine, needless to say your pomegranate pics stole my heart. I will be visiting again xx Sam


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