Crumpets with Fresh Berries

The thing about living Cape Summer is that somewhere in the back of everyone’s mind lies the certainty of winter.  And following that certainty is this truth; everything needs to be done now, in summer, while the weather is still charming.

And with that truth comes this reality, school activities run back to back relentlessly throughout the first school term and it is a wrestle to keep up in both stamina and enthusiasm.

Today for instance, Pretty Girl is taking part in an athletics meet over in Somerset West.  This is a first for our girl, but as is the case with our little miss, the most exciting thing about today is the ride on the BIG bus!  Our afternoon will be spent cheering our little runners on and hiding from the sun till about 6pm when we will head directly back to school for the Junior Primary camp out.  All the kiddos and their parents will be there.  Or, as in Pretty Girl’s case, a parent.

The story behind this follows on from last year’s camp.  Then, and still today, I could think of no possible motivation strong enough to make me want to sleep on the school sports field in 34 degree weather with not a tree for miles.  Photogirl hatched a plan to tell our dear husbands that it was a Father/daughter, Father/son camp.  They bought it.  The dads ended up having such a fabulous time with their kiddos that this year we were uninvited to join.  And that friend, is the perfect definition of win win.

So, before I go and dust off the camp gear and throw some sugar laden snacks into the cooler for Pretty Girl and her dad, how about we get organized to spoil someone you love with Breakfast Crumpets this weekend?

This is my dad’s absolute favourite thing to eat, he loves his “drop scones” all buttery and smeared with jam, but this version is uber classy and just looks like summer.  Still, every time I make them I think of him.  The trick to mine looking pretty even in shape and size is an egg ring.  You can make them without one of course, but be prepared for a more, shall we say…artisan look?  Remember to oil the egg ring too so that the crumpets don’t stick to it.

What you need
3 eggs
1 ½ – 2 cups milk
1 cup sugar
3 cups Flour
2 tsp. baking powder
Pinch salt
Butter or Oil for frying
Assorted Berries
Mascarpone cheese
Maple Syrup
  1. Whisk together the eggs and 1 ½ cups of milk.
  2. Sieve the dry ingredients into the bowl of your mixer.
  3. With the mixer on medium speed, beat in the milk mixture and continue beating until smooth.
  4. If necessary add the remainder of the milk.  The batter must be thick but able to drop from a spoon.
  5. Heat the butter or oil in a frying pan, keep the heat medium.
  6. Spoon the batter in even sized amounts into the pan.  You can probably make two or three at a time depending on the size of your pan.
  7. Allow bubbles to rise to the surface of the crumpet before turning it over to cook the other side.
  8. To serve stack the crumpets and scatter over some berries before dredging the stack in maple syrup.
  9. Finish with a good dollop of Mascarpone cheese (and a cappuccino)

These crumpets freeze beautifully, so make a few extra to keep on hand for a midweek breakfast treat.

Look out for some serious pinning happening tonight on Pinterest, I have two new boards up and the house to myself.  Thanks for stopping by y’all.

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