Chocolate & Orange Trifle

Side view of trifle in eBook Eat.Drink.Spoil – cooking for the holidays
It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, everywhere you go.

The stores are full of tinsel, their shelves packed high with gifts for her and gifts for him and gifts under  R 150.

Magazines with happy and glamorous Christmas people on the front cover which promise to give you never before seen tips on how to save this Christmas; while making it all yourself this Christmas; while cooking the turkey and still finding the time to look fabulous in your fabulous house.  A lot of pressure for anyone.

top view of trifle in eBook Eat.Drink.Spoil – cooking for the holidays

So, let me tell you how my Christmas planning at this time of year goes; I spend three-quarters of the time thinking about what our Christmas colour scheme should be.  Sadly true.  This is actually a rather imperative first decision as the wrapping and the table obviously needs to match.

Then I try to work out how to buy all the gifts with the actual budget, lecturing myself on the need to start earlier and be better prepared.  When it all becomes more Christmas Grinch than Christmas cheer, I allow my thoughts to wonder casually over to the question of food.

And what this usually means is that I then spend a lot more time than is really needed pondering whether or not a turkey is as essential to Christmas as we are led to believe.  We do seem to manage quite fine without it the other 364 days of the year.  It can be very confusing finding yourself torn between tradition and a marvelous rare cooked fillet.  Obviously, I then lay over the decision for another day and decide on the dessert instead.

Somewhere between that point and Christmas Day, the rest of the shopping takes place, the house is Christmasy – fied, and the menu falls into place during much obligatory holiday baking and wrapping of gifts.

full view of trifle in eBook Eat.Drink.Spoil – cooking for the holidays


This year I wanted to give you a little something to help your own festivity decision-making along, and I am thrilled to finally be able to present it to you in the form of an eBook.

Eat.Drink.Spoil – Cooking for the holidays is a small collection of holiday baking and cooking recipes from Pomegranate Days.  You will remember some from last year as well as be getting a preview of the weeks to come here on the blog, all in one place.

In Eat.Drink.Spoil – Cooking for the holidays you will find 12 recipes to cover your Christmas cooking and baking from start to finish.  It is also the only place where you will find the recipe for this show stopping Chocolate and Orange Trifle.

The best part of this eBook – well besides all the lovely recipes and images of course is that it is free.  Absolutely free.

It is a gift, from me to you.

To view the book simply click on the cover. (Please note that the book is not currently mobile device friendly.)

I would really like you to be able to take Eat.Drink.Spoil – Cooking for the holidays with you wherever you are going this festive season.  More importantly, I want you to enjoy using it and see it as a great holiday cooking resource.  For that reason I am providing you with a print friendly pdf version ready for you to download.

Please let me know how you enjoy the book.  Your feedback will be invaluable as we plan the next one.

If you do like what you see I would love for you to share this post and of course Eat.Drink.Spoil – Cooking for the holidays.  

heart and sam

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    • sam
      November 27, 2014 at 3:51 pm (5 years ago)

      Thank you Anina! Wipes sweat off brow and eats another batch of mince pies while listening to the sound of the pages turning – my favourite part!!


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