Along came Noah

This post has nothing to do with food.  And I am not sorry.  Every year around this time I start to feel emotional and grateful, and small.  And, because testimonies never grow old, this post is all about a boy called Noah Jack whom you have met as Handsome.

You see, Handsome is turning three years old this Saturday and its officially birthday week as we celebrate the life of this little boy who has stolen our hearts.

This boy loves Lego and cars and airplanes and chocolates.  This boy is fearless on his bike and generous with his love.  This boy wears at least five different pairs of baggies every day and watches Rio till I think I might puke. This boy adores his sister and drives her completely nuts.  This boy has brought guns and superheroes and army men into our house and he has stolen our favourite spots the couch, and he is loud and silly and ridiculously cute.

This boy taught me what it means to be humble and desperate and reliant and grateful beyond words.

Be still and know that I am God Psalm 46 vs 10

Noah was born at 38 weeks, a handsome big boy of 3.6kg.  From the start he had water on the lungs and had difficulty breathing.  He was on oxygen and in an incubator, and despite his initial progress on the fourth day his lung collapsed and he was taken to the ICU.  I was inconsolable with grief and worry and my world was a blur of tears that rained for days down my cheeks, coming from a depth of desperation I believe that no one can prepare you for.

I wish I could say I prayed and interceded for this boy like never before, but in truth the only thing I could say was: “Please Father help us”.


Because we are blessed with friends and family who took up the fight on our behalf to pray for this boy, and because God is gracious and faithful and true to his promises, Noah’s lung was restored.  On the sixth day I was able to hold him in my arms and experience true gratitude and immense favour, and it’s something I never want to forget.


But to this day, my heart breaks for every new born baby that doesn’t do so well; for every parent sitting guarding a child in ICU; for every mom who sleeps in a maternity ward without a baby and has to leave the hospital alone; for every big sister who cannot get the cuddles she was promised but has to touch little fingers through an incubator door.

Life can be hard and real, but is is also exciting and wonderful.

 I prayed for this child and the Lord has granted me what I asked of him 1 Samuel 2 vs 2


I am so excited to see what lies in store for this boy, to see him live in his purpose and live out his dreams, and to watch as he discovers his talents and makes his mark.

But, for now I am trying to negotiate his birthday cake demand which is a “Smurf cake with Spiderman and a fire truck” and wondering how a small afternoon tea with a cake has managed to get quite so out of hand.  The peril of people obsessed with food.  Along with the Smurf cake I will be making some of these, in blue obviously, and some of these are already in the freezer, and then I will add one or two other things which I hope to share with you soon.

Happy Birthday Handsome, I sure do Smurf you!

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