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I share my life and my home with Dear Husband and our two blond children. After 13 years together Dear Husband still makes me laugh and he always makes me proud. We share a love of food and wine and face cream. Our weekends are planned around what we will eat and despite the fact that he continually seems surprised when the food I cook tastes great, Dear Husband is my most constructive and genuine critic.

On this blog you will meet my kiddos as Pretty Girl and Handsome. Mackensie-Leah is turning 10 this year and January baby Noah Jack is 5. Sometimes I still can’t believe that God has entrusted me with these two beautiful, happy, crazy and fun children. I am humbled by His trust in me to raise them.

We live in Paarl which is a Boland town about 45 minutes’ drive from Cape Town. We moved from Durban to the Cape Winelands ten years ago and we have never regretted it, not for one single day. I love that in our town most of the shops still close on Sundays, and for Christmas, New Years, and sometimes even for lunch.

I love that I have to drive past cows and sheep and the occasional donkey on the way to my house.  I love that from wherever you stand in Paarl, you are surrounded by its glorious mountains that turn pink in summer sunsets and get frosted by snow in winter.

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I have a good life with much to be grateful for.  My first love is and always has been food. Here on this blog (which I started in 2012) I share some of that simple everyday-ness alongside recipes from my kitchen; some are savoury; many are sweet; all of them work.

I have one food philosophy and that is that “life is complicated, but food is simple”.  My heart is that just by visiting Pomegranate Days you will be inspired to create something wonderful  in your own kitchen.

Thanks for coming by; I do hope you stay awhile.  Please subscribe to my monthly newsletter (link below) which includes all the latest from Pomegranate Days, as well as a monthly short order recipe exclusive to subscribers.  In the meantime though, to get started here are links to three of my most popular posts.

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I drink too many cappuchinos.
I let my kiddos eat chocolates, but I say no to sweets.
I have a culinary crush on Bill Granger.
I once was a chef. For 18 years.
I tend to eat a lot on Sundays.
I adore Paris. A lot.
I sort of dabble in tennis.
I love God.

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